A series of End-Century lectures of interdisciplinary nature, evaluating the experience and knowledge of the passing century and prospects of the coming century. Under this programme the following dignitaries have participated so far:

  • Prof. Daya Krishna on `India's Civilizational Enterprises in the Third Millennium A. D.: Maintenance, Renewal and Development in New Directions', 30 January 1997, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Ramachandra Gandhi on `Images of Swaraj', 5 July 1997, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Mushirul Hasan on `Rewriting the Histories of Partition', 22 August 1997, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Amlan Dutta on `The Experience of the Passing Century and the Vision of the Coming Century', 22 March 1998, Kolkata.
  • Prof. Wagish Shukla on `The Death of Language: An Afterword', 17 October 1998, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Sibnarayan Ray on `From a Sanskrit Pandit's son to a Radical Humanist : Personal Account of our Century', 22 June 1999, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Mrinal Miri on `Plurality of Culture and Multi-Cultivation, 12 July 1999, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Bhalchandra Nemade, on `Preserving Native Style', 13 January 2000, Panaji, Goa.
  • Prof. Pratap Naik S. J. on `Millennial Lecture', 27 January 2001, Mumbai.
  • Prof. Kapila Vatsayan on `Parallel Knowledge Systems: The Indian Predicament', 1 February 2000, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Manoj Das on `The Message of the Departing Century', 9 May 2000, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Jayant Narliker on `The Message on Science Fiction: Prophetic or Trivial', 26 July, 2000.
  • Prof. Raja Ramanna on `Discords in Science and Religion', 19 August, 2000.
  • Prof. Nemai Sadhan Basu on `Interdisciplinary nature evaluating the experience and knowledge of the passing century, and premediating the problems and prospects of the coming century', 17 October 2000, Kolkata.
  • Dr. Romila Thapar, on `Shakuntala: The Biography of a Narrative', 1 November 2000, New Delhi.
  • Prof. K.N. Panikkar on `Whatever Happened to the Indian Renaissance', 5 December 2000, New Delhi.
  • Prof. L.M. Singhvi on `Crisis of Civilizations', 9 January 2001, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Vandana Shiva on `Transit ion We are Going Through', 17 January 2001, New Delhi.
  • Fr. Pratap Naik on `Konkani Research: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow', 27 January 2001, Mumbai.
  • Prof. Dipankar Gupta on `Learning to Forget : The Anti-Memoirs of Modernity', 24 September 2001, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Avijit Pathak on `Transcending Modernity: Towards a New Cultural Sensitivity', 12 November 2001, New Delhi.
  • Prof. Asoke Sen on `Socialism Across Centuries', 28 December 2001 at Kolkata.
  • Prabodh Parikh on `Imagining Tradition', 18 September 2002, New Delhi.
  • Ram Sutar on `Inter-relation of Art and Literature', 26 December 2005, New Delhi.

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