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The new literary programme Kavi-Anuvadak provides an opportunity for the audience to enjoy poetry in original and translation.

  • Sumatheendra Nadig read his Kannada poems. Subodh Sarkar presented his Bengali translation on 10 December 2001 at Kolkata.
  • K. Satchidanandan and Rati Saxena were invited for reciting the poems in Malayalam and their translations by latter on 20 October 2001 at Mumbai.
  • K. Satchidanandan, read his recent poems and Sirpi Balasubramaniam, Tamil poet, translated the poems into Tamil on 21 January 2002 at Chennai.
  • Ayyappa Panikker read his poems in Malayalam and Sri Neela Padmanabhan translated them into Tamil on 19 July 2001 at Chennai.
  • Krishin Rahi recited his poems in Sindhi and Smt. Maya Rahi rendered Hindi translation on 9 March 2002, Bhopal.
  • Arjan Hasid recited his poems in Sindhi and Kamla Goklani rendered Hindi translation on 27 October 2002, Jaipur.
  • Manglesh Dabral's poems were recited by Vitthalsingh Dhakare and Ganesh Vispute rendered Marathi translation on 24 November 2002 at Lasalgaon.
  • Balachandran Chullikad read his Malayalam poems and K.V. Shylaja translated them into Tamil on 6 January 2003 at Chennai.
  • Brajandra Kumar Bramha eminart Bodo poet read out his poems. S.J. Wary read ret the translation at Kokrajhar.

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