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Application Form for Translation Grant

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Indian Literature Abroad


About Indian Literature Abroad  (ILA) :

With 122 regional languages, 24 languages recognised by the Sahitya Akademi and thousands of regional dialects, India can claim an unique linguistic and literary history. The different language clusters in India are distinct, but share common heritage and core identity. Nurturing its plural and diverse traditions, emergent India is engaged in the act of constant, ongoing cultural translation and interpretation.


Novels, short-fiction, poetry and experimental writings are flourishing along with the long and vigorous tradition in literary criticism. Seeking inspiration from their mother tongues, Indian writers combine contemporary reach with classical traditions. While Indian literature in English is widely read and appreciated, the vibrant writing in various Indian languages is not currently accessible to the rest of the world due to lack of quality translations and focused promotion. The Indian Literature Abroad  (ILA)  aims to correct this imbalance by projecting and promoting various traditions of Indian literature globally.


The Indian Literature Abroad (ILA) project has been initiated by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, to support and facilitate the translation and promotion of literary heritage and contemporary literature from the Indian languages into major foreign languages (especially those recognised by UNESCO). The oversight of the project has been entrusted to Sahitya Akademi (National Academy of Letters) under Ministry of Culture, Government of India now.


ILA seeks to open window to the polyphonic voices coming out of India. To achieve this goal, ILA is working on the ongoing translation commissions and also on workshops, collaborations and fellowships.



About Sahitya Akademi :

Sahitya Akademi is India's premier Academy of Letters involved in the literary dialogue, publication and promotion of Indian Literature all over the world. In the last six decades the Akademi has published over six thousand books in more than thirty languages.


The Akademi publishes original works and also the works in translation – in fiction, poetry, drama and criticism – covering classical, medieval, pre-modern and contemporary literature. The Akademi also is involved in promoting quality children's literature.


The Akademi is synonymous with the monumental monographs such as “National Bibliography of Translations” & “Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature” and also with epic anthologies such as “English Writings of Rabindranath Tagore” & “History of Indian Literature”.


The premier institute is involved currently in the production of “Encyclopaedia of Indian Poetics” and will soon bring out “Anthology of Gandhi's Writings” in English and Hindi.


Sahitya Akademi constantly strives to maintain literary excellence and innovation, promoting best of Indian Literature all over the world and most importantly to preserve the oral and written traditions of India.



Who Can apply?
Translators : Indian as well as foreign translators can apply for grants for translating Indian Literature into international languages.


Publishers: Publishers can apply for the cost of translating and editing the works of Indian literature into foreign languages.


How to apply?
The applicant can send the following documents by courier or email.


The motivation for choosing the applicable work, which must be the translation of a work of fiction, poetry, drama or children's literature originally written in an Indian language.


Publishers must provide a description of their popular titles and their recent catalogues. Translators applying for a grant must send an updated resume, bibliography, sample of previous works and their agreement with the publisher.


If a publisher already has a translator in mind, they should send a copy of the agreement with the translator and the translator's resume, bibliography and sample works.



Evaluation Criteria:

  • Literary quality of the work.
  • Background of the publishing house.
  • Previous experience of the translator.
  • Distribution and promotion strategy of the publisher.



For enquiries on rights and translation proposals and submissions contact:


Indian Literature Abroad (ILA)


Sahitya Akademi

Rabindra Bhavan

35, Ferozeshah Road

New Delhi, 110001 India




E-mail: indianliteratureabroad@gmail.com;




Phone: 91-11-23073002, 23387064

Fax:  91-11-23382428


Application Form for Translation Grant

for Indian Literature Abroad project


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