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Besides the annual awards for creative writing, the Sahitya Akademi has instituted an annual prize for translation from 1989 to be given to outstanding translations in the 24 languages recognised by it. The Translation Prize which carried Rs.10,000 in 1989 was increased to Rs.15,000 in 2001 and is Rs.20,000 from 2003, and is now Rs.50,000 from 2009.

Criteria of Eligibility for the Award

  1. In order to be eligible for the award, the book must be a full, unabridged and faithful translation of the original work which must be a work in any of the languages recognized by the Akademi.
    Translation of parts of an ancient or medieval classic will be eligible for the award if the translation is faithful to the original.
  2. The standing of the original writer and the excellence of the same work would also be taken into consideration.
  3. The work of a translator who has earlier won an award or who is a member of the Executive Board of the Akademi shall not be considered.
  4. While translation through a link language can be considered, preference will be given to a work of translation from the original language.
  5. A posthumous publication may be eligible for the award.
  6. A book jointly translated by two persons shall be eligible for the award. In the event this work wins the award, the award amount shall be equally divided between the translators.
  7. Translation of monographs published by the Akademi are not eligible for the award.
  8. Canvassing in any form shall disqualify the book for the award.

Selection of Akademi Awards

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