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The Akademi has established Centre for Translation in Bangalore. The Centre is meant to bring out special series of books from the languages of the area translated into English and other languages. We have begun with a series of pre-modern classics from the Centre. The Centre will also translate books for the scheme 'One Hundred Twentieth Century Classics' being brought out in English by Sahitya Akademi in collaboration with the National Book Trust, India.


  1. Adu Have (Kannada) - 2001
  2. Kalapurnodaya (Kannada) - 2001
  3. Vachana Sopanam (Malayalam)-2001
  4. Yetta Veli Varthaigal (Tamil) - 2001
  5. Vaddaradhane (Telugu) - 2001
  6. Vachanalu (Telugu) - 2001
  7. Veera Shaiva Vachanamrut (Marathi)- 2002
  8. Vaddaradhana (Hindi) – 2002

Modem Classic

  1. Yakrut (Kannada) - 2001
  2. Kalleeral (Tamil) - 2001
  3. Beware, the Cows are Coming (English)-2001
  4. Chafa (Marathi) - 2001
  5. Karat (Malayalam) - 2002
  6. Dakshina Kamarupinde Gatha (Malayalam) - 2003
  7. Jivanananda Dasara Kavitegalv (Kannada) - 2003
  8. Return to Earth (English) – 2002

Programmes organised under Centre for Translation:

  1. August 17, 2002: The inauguration of "Translation Matters", a forum for debating issues in translation, in collaboration with the Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad and with the active support of a small group of committed academics in Central University, Hyderabad.
  2. August 29, 2002: The Centre extended help in the collaboration between the Swedish Embassy and Sahitya Akademi in organising the programme "A Swedish Evening in Bangalore", as well as the publication of Swedish novel "The Way of a Serpent".
  3. October 29, 2002: "Translation Matters": This new forum in Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Akademi had organised a literary meet on Translation by inviting Ms.Paula Richman, USA, at the Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad.
  4. Book release: Return to Earth, the English translation of the Kannada classic by Shivarama Karanth, was released at Bangalore on 28 November 2002 at the National Seminar organised to celebrate Karanth's centenary.
  5. The Centre for Translation had organised `An evening with the poetry of Jibanananda Das' on 28 February 2003 at Bangalore, in collaboration with the Bengalee Association, Bangalore.
  6. In collaboration with the C.I.I.L., Mysore and Osmania University, Hyderabad, the Centre, through its local forum `Translation Matters', co-sponsored a 3-day seminar on `Translation and Empowerment' in Hyderabad from 20-22 March 2002
  7. The Centre for Translation, Bangalore, had organised a 3-day book exhibition at Osmania University, Hyderabad, during the seminar on `Translation and Empowerment'.

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