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Details of monthly receipts and disposal of RTI applications

in the month of August 2011


last updated on : 26 November 2011

File No.
Name and Address of RTI Applicants
Date of Application received
Information sought

Sri Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui

UT-202, Anda Cell

Mumbai Central Prison

Arathur Road

Mumbai 400 011

Copies of all acts & rules related to Ministry of Culture and its all offices and bodies; books and maps published by the Ministry and its all branches situated all over India; working procedure manual for all work carried in Ministry of Culture, copy of Annual report made by Ministry of Culture and its branches. .

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10 August 2011.


Sri Nakul Kundra

C/o. Naresh Kumar


Kot Kishan Chand

Jalandhar City

Punjab 144 004

Complete list of books published by the Akademi; list of Akademi sales counters; efforts being taken by the Akademi to promote young upcoming writers and procedure of submission of their works; upcoming events of Akademi particularly concerning the celebrations of Tagore's 150th Anniversary.

Reply sent on

8 September 2011.


Sri Prakash Chander Rekhadi

Gangotri Vihar, Kaniya Ramnagar, Dist. Nainital, Uttrakhand

manpower, outsourcing, purchase of computers, furniture & stationary etc. from the given (mentioned in his application) firms.

Reply sent on

30 August 2011


Sri Ganesh Premdas Burghate

C/o. Manoday Samaj Kalyan Sanstha, Kamargaon, Karanja

Dist. Washim, Maharashtra-444110

23.08.2011 Reg. TCC grant. The proposal is incomplete and the project is not clear.

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