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Details of monthly receipts and disposal of RTI applications

in the month of June 2021.


Last updated on : 15.07.2021

File No./ Registration/

Date of Receipt

Name and Address of RTI Applicants


Action Taken

RTI-940 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/E/21/00033 Dated:04.06.2021

Mr. Chandu Ram Patwa Gardener's Mohalla Bansur Alwar-301402

Regarding April 4, the typing of Junior clerk was done, when is the final result coming

Information sent vide

Letter No.SA.RTI/940/2750


RTI-941 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/T/21/00004 Dated:07.06.2021

Mr. Regimon C.K. Founder Dwarka Forum, 453, Nava Sansad Vihar Plot no. 4, Sector 22, Dwarka – 1100 77

Regarding Service Metter

Information sent vide

Letter No.SA.RTI/941/3305


RTI-942 Through Email

Sri L. Sanahanbi Singha PG Enclave, C-2, Second Floor Opp Wisdom Academy Bakrapara, Basistha Guwahati-781029 Notice of Hearing for Second Appeal/Complaint No: SAHAK/A/2019/119932-UM of Sri L.Sanahanbi Singha received from Central Information Commission.

Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/942/2421,2422 Dated:25/26.06.2021

RTI-943 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/E/21/00036 Dated:10.06.2021 Mr. Saurabh Jaryal K – 14, Civil Zone Subroto Park New Delhi - 110010 Regarding the exam for the post of Receptionist cum Telephone Operator

Information sent vide Letter No. SA.RTI/943/2450 Dated:21/28.06.2021

RTI-944 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/E/21/00035 Dated:10.06.2021

Mr. Ravi Kumar C-9 /659, Sultan Puri North West,


Regarding Junior Clerk Exam Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/944/2748 Dated:29/02.06/07.2021
RTI-945 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/E/21/00034 Dated:10.06.2021 Mr. Ayush Chauhan In front of Kotwali Badi Kothi Thakurdwara - 244601 Regarding Junior Clerk Exam Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/945/2447 Dated:21/28.06.2021
RTI-946 Online Through email received on: 08 May 2021 Sri Shaik Azaharuddin Telangana Minority School-Champapet Hyderabad-500079 Regarding Sahitya Akademi Award winning books in TELUGU

Intarim sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/946/2444 Dated:23/28.06.2021

Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/946/3060 Dated:08.07.2021

RTI-947 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/E/21/00037 Dated:26.06.2021

Mr. Rohit Prasad Semwal R Z D 74A, Mahavir Vihar, Sector-1 Dwarka, New Delhi-1 South West Delhi,


Regarding Junior Clerk Exam Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/947/2449 Dated:01.07.2021



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