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Details of monthly receipts and disposal of RTI applications

in the month of May 2012


last updated on :20 July 2012

File No.
Name and Address of RTI Applicants
Date of Application received
Information sought

Sri D. Jayakumar

330, Subramani, 18th Street, GKM Colony, Chennai-600082.

04 May 2012

Reply sent on



Sri Tajbar Singh

Sales Office, Sahitya Akademi, Mandir Marg, New Delhi-110001.

04 May 2012
Regarding payment of medical bill in r/o his father's eye operation.
Reply sent on 30.05.2012

Sri B.L. Meena

Under Secretary of GOI, New Delhi

09 May 2012
Regarding RTI applicationdtd 05.03.2012 received from Sri Tutul Chakrabarti.
Reply already furnished to the Ministry on 13.4.2012

Sri D. Jayakumar

330, Subramani, 18th Street, GKM Colony, Chennai-600082

17 May 2012
Regarding Secretary's Attendence/Travel/Allowance.
Reply sent on 30.05.2012

Sri Abhimani

E. Mani

10, Bhaskarapuram, Panagudi, Radhapuram Taulk, Tirunelveli Dist.

17 May 2012 Regarding anthology of Dalit short stories in Tamil Reply sent on 06.06.2012

Ms. Sobhana K.

Special Correspondent, The telegraph, 104, PTI Building, 4, Parliament Street, Delhi.

29 May 2012 Regarding languages Reply sent on 14.06.2012




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