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Details of monthly receipts and disposal of RTI applications

in the month of October 2021.


Last updated on : 03.12.2021

File No./ Registration/

Date of Receipt

Name and Address of RTI Applicants


Action Taken

RTI-989 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/T/21/00017 Dated: 11/10/2021

Sri Khushbu Sharma

2 Block BKC Bandra East Mumbai Maharashtra

Information regarding service matter.

Interim letter sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/989/ 9441 Dated: 20 October 2021

Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/989/

10963 Dated:

29 October 2021

RTI-990 OFFLINE IPO NO. 37F 593570 Date of Application received 12/10/2021 Sri Bidar Majhi Mahuladiha Mohapatrahane Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj Odisha-757046 Information regarding All india Santhali Writers Association (AISWA) Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/990/ 9457 Dated: 21 October 2021
RTI-991 OFFLINE Date of Application received 07/10/2021 Sri Chandra Ravindra Opp Mpp No. 4 , School Ponduru Srikakulam Dist: 532168 Information regarding Sahitya Akademi Yuva Award (Telugu Language) Interim letter sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/991/ 9456 Dated: 21 October 2021

Information sent vide Letter No. SA.RTI/991/

11116 Dated:

01 November 2021

RTI-992 Online Registration No. SAHAK/R/T/21/00018 Dated: 20/10/2021


Ministry of Culture on 20/10/2021 With Reference Number: MCULT/R/E/21/00270

Sri Shiv Kumar Sharma A-601, Pushpvan Apartment 17/5 Auckland Road Ashok Nagar (Cantt.) Pyayagraj -211001 Uttar Pradesh Information regarding the Pensioners of Allahabad Museum are getting benefit of 7th CPC since January 2016 Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/992/ 9455 Dated: 21 October 2021

RTI-993 Online

Registration No.

Dated: 29/10/2021

Appeal No- SAHAK/A/E/21/00015

Dated: 11.11.2021

Sri Vishal Jaiswal  

B-40 1st Floor Gali No-1, West Vinod Nagar, Pin:110092 

how many candidates have applied for the post of MTS under advt sa/50/06/2021. give data category wise

Now please provide the desired information.

Information sent vide Letter No. . SA.RTI/993/

11348 Dated:

11Nov 2021

First Appellate Authority replied vide letter no.  SA.RTI/993/12257

Dated: 29.11.2021




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