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How to apply for an advance

  1. The application should be addressed an advance to the Secretary in such form as may be prescribed.
  2. For ready built house/flat, a letter of allotment should also be attached to the application.
  3. For construction of new hose or addition/alteration to an existing one, a detailed estimate from a recognised/competent source with a copy of the plan approved by the Municipal Corporation/authority concerned should be attached to the application.
  4. Any other document required under these rules or as required by the Secretary should be furnished.


  1. An advance granted under these rules shall carry simple interest from the date of advance, the amount of interest being calculated on the balance outstanding on the last day of each month. The rate of interest shall be same as applicable to Central Government employees.
  2. While issuing the sanction for grant of the advance, the rate of interest should be shown as 1/2 % above the prescribed rate with the stipulation that if conditions attached to the sanction including this recovery of amount are fulfilled completely to the satisfaction of the sanctioning authority, a rebate of interest to the extent of 2.1/2% will be allowed.
  3. The rate of interest will be ½% less the prescribed rates to such employees who themselves or their spouses undergo voluntary sterilizatuion.

Disbursement of advance

The advance shall be disbursed in the of advance manner set forth below:

  1. Purchasing of plot and construction of single-storeyed/double storeyed house in three instalments of
    1. on executing the agreement in the prescribed form and production of surety bond;
    2. on executing the mortgage deed after purchase of plot; and
    3. on the construction reaching the plinth level.
  2. Construction of single-storeyed/double storeyed house or enlarging of living accommodation an existing house in two instalments of
    1. on executing the mortgage deed; and
    2. on the construction reaching the plinth level.
  3. Enlarging living accommodation in the upper storeys of the house – in two instalment of
    1. on executing the mortgage deed; and
    2. on the construction reaching the roof level.
  4. purchasing a ready built house – in one instalment, payable on executing the agreement in the prescribed form and furnishing the surety.
  5. Purchasing/Construction of a new flat-the amount may be disbursed in one or more convenient instalments at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Time limit for Utilisation of Advance

The advance and instalments of the drawn should be utilised Advance within two months failing which it should be refunded to the Akademi in full. Extension of time-limit may be granted by the Secretary in deserving cases after obtaining full justification in writing.

Insurance of the House

The house/flat after completion shall be insured against fire, flood, lightning etc. until the advance is fully repaid to the Akademi.


The house/flat should be maintained in good repair by the employee at his own cost. He should also keep it free from all encumbrances. After completion of the house, annual inspections may be carried out at the discretion of the Secretary by an authorised officer of the Akademi for ascertaining if the house/flat is maintained in good repair until the advance has been repaid in full.
The employee shall afford necessary facilities for these inspections.

Payment of taxes

The employee shall pay all taxes regularly.


The house shall be reconveyed after the entire advance together with the interest is repaid to the Akademi.

General Regulations

  1. Any rule made or decision taken by the General Council or by any authority of the Akademi except where the authority acts in accordance with its powers and functions as defined in this Resolution may be amended or set aside by the General Council.

  2. The General Council may by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the members present and voting amend this Constitution in such manner as the General Council may decide except that no amendments to the objects of the Sahitya Akademi shall be deemed to have been duly passed without the approval of the Government of India.

  3. All casual vacancies among the members (other than ex-officio members) of the General Council or any other body of the Akademi shall be filled as soon as conveniently may be by the person or body who appointed, elected or co-opted the member whose place had become vacant and the person appointed, elected or co-opted to a casual vacancy shall be a member of such authority or body for the residue of the term for which the person whose place he fills would have been a member.

  4. No act or proceeding of the General Council or Executive Board or Finance Committee shall be invalid by reason only of the existence of any vacancy amongst its members or any defect in its Constitution.


  1. In case of failure to repay the advance or interest or to abide by the terms and conditions of the advance, the Secretary may direct the recovery of the advance due in full and may enforce the recovery by sale of house or in any other manner.
  2. In matters not provided for in these rules, the rules and orders of the Government of India pertaining to the grant of House Building Advance to their employees and any matter connected therewith shall apply to the employees of the Akademi Further, till such time as the Akademi has its forms for any matter referred to in these rules, the forms prescribed by the Government of India shall, with suitable changes, be adapted.

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